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Meridian therapy

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese developed a system of treating disease and maintaining health by balancing energy currents in the body. This life force, known as "Qi", flows continuously through channels known as meridians.

12 Meridians

There are twelve meridians that traverse up and down the body in a one-way direction. Each meridian is associated with a specific organ, or physiological system, and is classified as either yin or yang. Yin meridians are associated with solid organs, (lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.) and begin or end on the trunk, while yang organs are hollow (gallbladder, bladder, stomach, etc.) and begin or end on the face.

There are locations along the meridians that have lowered electrical resistance. These points can be treated in any number of ways: needles, stimulation or tapping with the finger, burning of herbs (moxibustion), etc.

Meridian Imbalance

Disease, pain, and emotional disharmony occur when the meridian system is out of balance. Typically, a single meridian may have too much or not enough energy flow which thereby affects all 12 meridians.

The causes of meridian imbalances are numerous: physical injury, dietary excesses, emotional stress, etc.

Applied Kinesiology and Meridian therapy

While Chiropractors have been affecting the energy level in the meridians since the profession first began, innovations began during the 1960s and 70s when Dr. George Goodheart, a Michigan Chiropractor, discovered the relationship between meridians and individual muscles. He found, for example, that the stomach meridian is associated with the pectoralis muscle, the small intestine meridian with the abdominal muscles, the brain with the supraspinatus muscle and so on.

These discoveries gave doctors the ability to evaluate patient physiology with much greater precision and provide more holistic treatments.

Today, Applied Kinesiologists continue to place major importance on balancing meridians. Numerous techniques have been created over the years for providing potent and lasting pain relief.

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