Back Adjustments for Headaches?

As holistic practitioners, chiropractors evaluate patients knowing that "anything can cause anything."  We recognize for example, that misaligned bones in the foot can cause neck problems, or that misaligned neck vertebrae correspond to differences in leg length.

When it comes to headaches, the same concept applies. Traditionally, chiropractors adjust the neck as a to resolve headaches, however adjusting the upper back can also help headaches.

A review of anatomy reminds us of just how well our heads are attached to our trunks. From the front, the scalene muscles connect the 2nd and 3rd ribs to the cervical vertebrae (C2-C7), while the neck extensors muscles (Splenius Cervicis, Semispinalis Capitis, Semispinalis Cervicis) connect C5-C7 to the area between the shoulder blades (T1-T6). These muscular connections are especially relevant when there is a past head injury.

In addition, the blood vessels inside the cranium are supplied by the nerves which exit the thoracic spine T1-T4. As such, throbbing type headaches that are vascular in nature, are often quieted by adjusting the upper back.

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