Chiropractic and Sports

More and more people today are committing to sports and fitness programs in order to balance out their sedentary lifestyles.

Chiropractic combined with Applied Kinesiology provide enhancement of athletic performance and greatly reduce the risk of injury. For this reason it is sought after by top professional athletes in all competitive sports.

What types of injuries or sport-related conditions are treated successfully by Chiropractic?

Lumbo-sacral pain
Herniated / protruded disc
Knee pain
Ankle sprain
Foot pain / plantar fasciitis
Tendinitis / bursitis
Hand and wrist pain / carpal tunnel syndrome
Pubalgia / groin pain
Hip or thigh pain
Epicondylitis / golfer’s or tennis elbow
Neck pain / past whiplash injury
Shoulder pain / rotator cuff injury

Dr. Morrison is a specialist in Applied Kinesiology, a vast system which enables him to manage conditions beyond the scope of traditional Chiropractic. Moreover, as a diplomate in clinical nutrition, Dr. Morrison deals with many problems related to diet and biochemical deficiencies. Please feel free to ask Dr. Morrison about your specific concerns.

What is meant by the ‘holistic approach’ to treating athletes?

Let's consider a case in which a Chiropractor using A.K. is working with a runner with low back pain. If a doctor is serious about what he does, his aim will be to discover the causes of this pain, and not just give temporary relief. Questions to be asked are whether or not muscle imbalances exist from an old ankle injury and how can we correct this? Does the diet need to be modified to keep reduce inflammation?  Are there ways of enhancing stamina and endurance through diet and supplementation? Back pain is usually just the tip of the iceberg.

Is Chiropractic used by professional athletes?

Yes. There is a long list of professional and high-level amateur athletes who depend on Chiropractic to protect them from costly, career-threatening injuries. Some of the more famous examples include Tiger Woods, Venus Williams, Joe Montana and the U.S. world cup team.

What if I don’t have any sports-related injuries? What if I just want to enhance my performance?

Chiropractic is an excellent way to help maximize one's athletic performance. Numerous studies have shown that Chiropractic speeds up recovery time, improves balance and flexibility, and increases muscular strength. Enough can't be said about the benefits athletes can derive from Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology treatments.