Chiropractic and Ankle Dysfunction

The foot and ankle are like tires on a car providing support, shock absorption and balance. Furthermore, the ankle mortise has potent neurological influence throughout the entire body. Listed below are some of the most common local problems of the ankle:

Achilles tendinitis
Sprain (inversion and eversion)
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Numbness and tingling
Crepitus (creaking, popping or snapping noises)
Restricted motion / locking
Osseous subluxations (misaligned bones)
Forefoot and hind foot varus / valgus
Swelling (pooling of blood, vascular stasis)
Equinus (talipes equinus)


There are many causes of ankle problems but in modern times, dietary indiscretions and stress play perhaps the most significant role. Excesses in sugar, refined carbs, and caffeine deplete the adrenal glands which are associated with the muscles that support the knees, ankles, and feet. When adrenaline reserves get used up, these muscles become weak and fail to provide proper support.

Chiropractic / Applied Kinesiology Approach to Ankle Dysfunction

Most problems at the ankle have biomechanical involvement, which is why standard Chiropractic (structural re-alignment), combined with A.K. (muscle balance through organ-muscle relation), is very effective in obtaining results.

Preventative care for the foot and ankle is very important. Once an ankle has been injured, recurrence is likely. It is critical not only to rehabilitate without delay, but also to have periodic check-ups to ensure stability and to prevent falls and injury.

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