Chiropractic and Sciatica - Pseudo Sciatica

Signs or Symptoms

Shooting pain, or paresthesia in the buttocks, leg and / or foot.


Most diagnoses of “sciatica” are technically inaccurate. When a patient experiences pain into the buttocks and thigh, it is usually scleratogenous. This means that muscles, discs, and joints are irritated, rather than the sciatic nerve itself. True sciatic nerve irritation is typically felt only in the calf muscle.


Recent or past trauma to the ankle or leg
Piriformis syndrome (spasm of piriformis muscle or the gluteal region)
General or local inflammation
Vertebral, pelvic, or sacral misalignment
Foot, knee, or hip misalignment
Trigger points or muscle contractions of the thigh (hamstrings, adductors, tensor fascia lata)
Spinal nerve root irritation

Applied Kinesiology / Chiropractic Approach to Sciatica

A.K. muscle testing used in combination with standard Chiropractic is usually very effective in uncovering the true causes of sciatic-type pain.

Once the structures at fault have been determined, various forms of manual therapy, including, manipulation, acupuncture meridian therapy, and other neuro-reflex therapy are applied.

Nutritional supplements are often recommended in order to speed healing time and maintain results. In cases of general inflammation, omega-3 or omega-6 supplements are often indispensible, as are vitamin B-complexes.

Finally, lifestyle modifications which may include dietary modification and exercise programs are provided by Dr. Morrison when indicated. As such, corrections are maintained and recurrence is kept at bay.

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