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Chiropractic and Tinnitus

The perception of sound in one or both ears, in the absence of corresponding external sound.

Clinical Signs and Symptoms

Although the most common presentation of tinnitus is “ringing” in the ears, there are an array of subjective sounds that fall under the umbrella term of tinnitus. Listed below are some of the most common:

Whooshing sound, as of wind or waves


Side effects of medicine
Cell phone
Exposure to loud noises
Trauma to head or ear
Acoustic neuroma
Meniere’s disease
Multiple sclerosis
Oribital, cranial or carotid bruits
Cardiac murmurs
Cerumen (wax) impaction
Otitis media / ear infection
Heavy metal toxicity
Thyroid disorder
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Iron deficiency anemia
Temporo mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
Misaligned or blocked motion of cranial bones
Meridian imbalances

Chiropractic / Applied Kinesiology Approach to Tinnitus

There are several types of tinnitus and a host of potential causes. As such, it is essential that the examination process for tinnitus is exhaustive.

When there's been trauma to the head or neck (directly or indirectly), Dr. Morrison uses precise Chiropractic adjusting with cranio-sacral therapy. Clinical nutrition is integrated when deficiencies exist (i.e. vitamin B12, iron, etc.), or whether the side effects of some medication need be offset with nutritional supplementation.

No matter the cause, by combining Chiropractic with A.K., Dr. Morrison seeks to provide highly effective therapy against tinnitus. The goal as always is to arrive at the roots of the problem and provide permanent resolution.

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