Chiropractic and Headache

There are numerous causes of headache. Listed below are some of the most common:

Excessive sweets / carbohydrates
Whiplash accident, head trauma (recent or past)
Side effects of medicine
Ear / eye problems
Residual effects of past dental work
Bite splint or other dental apparatus
Alcohol / caffeine / nicotine
Temporo-mandibular joint misalignment
Food allergies
Liver / colon toxicity
Cranial bone misalignment
Sleep deprivation
Vertebrae misaligned or “locked”
Arm, wrist, or shoulder lesions
Gait imbalances / improper footwear
Pelvic imbalances
Muscle tension / trigger points in neck muscles
Emotional stress
Improper eyeglasses / eye strain
Metabolic disturbances (diabetes, anemia, hyper / hypo thyroid, etc.)
Side effects of medicine / improper supplements

Chiropractic / Applied Kinesiology Approach To Headache

Although a very common human ailment, headaches more often than not do not warrant a visit to the doctor’s office unless they have become unbearable or worrisome. It is important to remember that pain is a warning sign that something is wrong and headaches are a sign that something needs attention. Second only to low back and neck pain, headache is the most common reason why patients seek Chiropractic care in the U.S.

As experts in musculo-skeletal disorders, Chiropractors have a very high success rate in the resolution of both chronic and acute headaches. This success is based on the fact that Doctors of Chiropractic using A.K. arrive at the cause of headaches without resorting to running all sorts of unnecessary exams. As such, relief is often found in just a few short visits and results are long lasting.  

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