The First Visit

Dr. Morrison does not use a one-size fits all approach because every individual is different. Some require an in-depth analysis, others have simple cut and dried problems. In either case, Dr. Morrison provides a thorough evaluation on the first visit and a treatment plan is agreed upon.

A typical first visit to Dr. Morrison may include any of the following examination procedures:

A detailed questionnaire centered both on the current complaint as well as past health history
An analysis of relevant clinical exams such as lab tests (blood; urine; etc.) and imaging studies (x-rays; MRI; CT scan etc.)*
Postural analysis
Range of motion tests
Manual orthopedic exams
Applied Kinesiological muscle testing

Unless there are contraindications, treatment is provided on the first visit SEE THERAPY.

*Imaging studies and lab exams are not required: however, when available, it is advisable to bring them to the first visit.