Maintenance Care Therapy and the Importance of Prevention

As the saying goes "It's easier to stay well than to get well." Once a cycle of therapy has been completed, it is often wise to do maintenance care visits in order to prevent problems from recurring, and maintain wellness.

What types of problems can be prevented with maintenance care?

The benefits of maintenance care are immeasurable. Regular Chiropractic treatments can prevent injuries by keeping neurological reflexes intact, and ligaments strong. As such, the risk of sprains and falls are greatly reduced.

Degenerative changes in the body are also decelerated with regular Chiropractic care. When bones and vertebrae kept in alignment, arthritic changes are less likely to occur and there is less pressure on discs and joints.

Perhaps the most important by-product of regular Chiropractic care is a finely tuned nervous system. Chiropractic, combined with the laser-like precision of Applied Kinesiology, has such a positive impact on central nervous system function that anything from cognitive function, to digestion will be affected.

Can pain and inflammation be reduced with maintenance care?

Yes. Modern lifestyles have many of us so out of touch with natural rhythms. For many, this manifests as chronic muscle tension and general inflammation in the body. Were this not the case, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs would never have taken hold the way they have in our society.

Periodic visits help to minimize stress and stay healthy. Manual therapies help to keep the destructive effects of inflammation at bay while also preventing muscle tension from accumulating. For those interested in supplementing their diet with high quality nutrition, periodic visits are indicated in order to ensure that supplements are accurate and up to date.

Can maintenance care also help one's emotional state?

Absolutely. There's a reason why patients leave the Chiropractic office smiling and laughing. We can't separate our bodies from our emotions. The manual therapies offered by Dr. Morrison help to release pent up emotions and induce a sense of well-being.

How often should I come for a maintenance care visit?

There are no fixed rules. It is best to consult with Dr. Morrison about your own specific circumstances and decide on a program which is right for you.