Nutrition and Diet

An alarming number of chronic pain and disease are directly linked to dietary habits creating biochemical imbalances. For this reason, Dr. Morrison places heavy emphasis on clinical nutrition. There are just far too many patients that would only be partially helped or not helped at all if body chemistry were not addressed.

The A.K. Approach to Nutrition and Diet

A patient may be asked to write a diet diary so the doctor can understand where there are excesses or deficiencies. Suspected foods are tested physically by Dr. Morrison.

The method involves placing a sample of the food on the patient’s tongue, then gauging the change in muscle strength. Typically, when a food is harmful at that moment in time, muscles will weaken.

This method of testing reflects the nervous system’s efferent response to the stimulation of gustatory and olfactory nerve receptors and is very helpful in determining what is harmful or helpful to eat.

Testing Supplements

Testing for supplements is done in a similar fashion as food testing. Dr. Morrison does not recommend any supplement based on lab tests alone, nor should any doctor. The final judgment of which supplement to take should always be based on a corroboration of evidence that always includes muscle testing.

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