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When vertebrae become misaligned or locked in place, it can cause pain and stiffness. There may be numbness and tingling in our arms or legs, or our posture and our movements may be affected. Vertebral subluxations also influence nervous system function, and can have an adverse affect organs and glands.

Dr. Morrison specializes in the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations and employs manual therapies to enhance communication between spinal nerves and the ret of the body. This ancient form of therapy has such a powerful impact because it unleashes our natural tendency toward healing.

C1: To blood supply to the head, brain, ear, bones of the face, pituitary gland, scalp, sympathetic nervous system, eyes, ears.
C2: To eyes, optic nerves, auditory nerves, sinuses, mastoid bones, tongue, forehead, heart.
C3: To cheeks, outer ear, face, teeth, lungs.
C4: To nose, lips, mouth, mucus membranes, Eustachian tube, lungs.
C5: To vocal cords, glands of the neck, pharynx.
C6: To neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils.
C7: To thyroid gland, bursae in the shoulders, elbows.
T1: To arms, hands, esophagus, trachea, heart.
T2: To heart, including its valves and covering coronary arteries; lungs, bronchial tubes.
T3: To lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura, chest, breast, heart.
T4: To gallbladder, common duct, heart, lungs, bronchial tubes.
T5: To liver, heart, solar plexus, circulation (general), esophagus, stomach.
T6: To stomach, esophagus, liver, peritoneum, duodenum.
T7: To kidneys, testes, ovaries, uterus, adrenal cortex, appendix, spleen, pancreas, large intestine.
T8: To spleen, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, adrenal cortex, small intestine, pyloric valve.
T9: To pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, adrenal cortex, ovaries, uterus, small intestine.
T10: To kidneys, appendix, testes, ovaries, uterus, adrenal cortex, spleen, pancreas, large intestine.
T11: To kidneys, ureters, large intestine, urinary bladder, adrenal medulla, adrenal cortex, uterus, ovaries, ileocecal valve.
T12: To small intestine, lymph circulation, large intestine, urinary bladder, uterus, kidneys, ileocecal valve.
L1: To large intestine, inguinal rings, uterus.
L2: To appendix, abdomen, leg, urinary bladder.
L3: To sex organs, uterus, bladder, knee, prostate, large intestine.
L4: To prostate gland, muscles of the lower back, sciatic nerve.
L5: To lower legs, ankles, feet, prostate, sciatic nerve.
Sacrum: To hip bones, buttocks, rectum, sex organs, sciatic nerve, genitalia, urinary bladder, ureter, prostate.
Sacral Plexus: Forms the sciatic as well as other nerves that go to muscles, joints and other structures of the legs, knees, ankles, feet and toes
Coccyx: To rectum, anus.